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  • The Proven Solution
    "It only takes me a few minutes to do what it used to take me hours to complete."
    Cindy Hiltz, Nurse, Anoka-Hennepin School District

    Our easy to use software helps districts manage their education documents so that they have more time to help students be successful and graduate.

    The Student Plans system automatically keeps all reports and forms up-to-date with the latest state and federal requirements. Import functionality is easy and automatic. Documents can easily be emailed as PDF documents.

    Modules include:
    Special Education
    Electronic Medical Assistance Billing (EMAB)
    Academic Improvement Plans
    504 Plans
    Nursing Health & Emergency Care Plans
    Extended School Year (ESY)

    Interfaces to Viewpoint and Ten Sigma's TRAX provide one-click access to a powerful library of goals, objectives, assessment tools and more.

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  • Special Education
    Because of federal and state regulations, Special Education has become a very complicated process and with the increased focus on academic accountability, tracking the student's progress has become vitally important. School districts and special education cooperatives that are looking for a reliable and flexible solution to meet the challenges of Special Education can find everything they need with Student Plans.
    Includes IEPs, IFSPs, Meeting Notices, Evaluations, Prior Written Notices and many more documents!
    Supports electronic signature capture for select documents!
    Online To-Do System!
    Sort and filter reports to get the information you need!
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  • Academic Learning Plans
    "The level of our success is limited only by our imagination and no act of kindness, however small, is ever wasted."

    Here are just some of the ways our member districts and cooperatives have chosen to implement our Learning Plans solution.

    RTI (Response to Intervention)
    CLP (Continuous Learning Plan)
    ILP (Individual Learning Plan)
    ELP (English Learner Plan)
    SSP (Student Success Plan)
    AIP (Academic Improvement Plan)
    BIP (Behavioral Improvement Plan)
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  • Electronic Medical Assistance Billing
    Tired of using MN-ITS every month to check student eligibility for Medical Assistance?
    Tired of saving years of student activity and transportation logs?
    Tired of entering claims one at a time?
    Student Plans is the solution for you!
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  • 504 Plan Manager
    Keeps all records in one secure location, readily available for use by appropriate staff
    Five things to know about 504 Plans:
    The 504 Plan protects students who have a disability that substantially limits one or more major life activity.
    The 504 Plan outlines educational services to be provided to the student.
    There is no standard 504 Plan – every student has different needs and should receive a different plan.
    A 504 Plan may be a good option for your child, if your child is ineligible for services under IDEA
    A 504 Plan is a good way to formalize accommodations if your child is already receiving them on an informal basis.
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  • Extended School Year Registration
    If your office looks like this, your district needs our ESY module!

    Tracking special education students in need of extended school year services has never been easier.  Student Plan IEPs can document the criteria by which students qualify for ESY services.

    A full registration system allows case managers to electronically register students.  A dashboard interface lets your registration staff track and manage your ESY needs.

    Student Plans reporting make IEP goals, objectives and progress reporting available to ESY teachers via electronic or paper reports. Students can be happy to attend school in the summer!

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  • Individual Health and Emergency Care Plans
    A central repository of emergency and health plans is always available to authorized staff for urgent response to student’s medical needs.
    Create Individual Health Plans!
    Create Emergency Care Plans!
    Use an electronic Nursing Library from Sunrise River Press
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  • Transportation Module
    Tracking requests for special transportation of students is a breeze with Student Plans.  Electronic Transportation Requests optimizes the communication between your special education case managers, 504 plan coordinators and health professionals with your transportation department.  Special verification procedures allow these coordinators to verify all special transportation needs for the start of summer school or the regular school year with a minimum of effort.
    No more copying, sorting and mailing Emergency Care Plans to your busing company.  Using Student Plans, you can send an electronic or printed copy of your Emergency forms to the bus company already sorted by bus route number.  You can keep these up-to-date by printing updates at any time.
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  • Testimonials
    "It only takes me a few minutes to do what it used to take me hours to complete."
    Cindy Hiltz, Nurse, Anoka-Hennepin School District
    "The selling point for our cooperative is the unparalleled customer service. Special education staff is no longer frustrated by having to deal with technology "glitches" when attempting to produce compliant special education documents. Staff is able to attend regularly scheduled webinar sessions, without the added travel cost, in order to become more proficient with the software. Due to this level of support, new staff can also quickly become familiar with the software. The customer service is simply superb!"
    Norma Altman-Bergseth, Lake Agassiz Special Ed District
    "The Completeness Check is one of the most important features to our district. It has vastly improved our compliance when we do our self-monitoring. The Student System Interface is a great timesaver as it totally eliminates the need for anyone to enter data regarding the student. Since not all districts use forms in the same way, it is wonderful to have the ability to customize documents to fit what you want to do in your district."
    Sharon Bonesho, Midstate Education District
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